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Read about the services offered by Dr. Jerabek, and how Jerabek Wellness will aid you throughout the certification process.

About Dr. Jerabek

Learn about Dr. Jerabek, our business, and our mission to provide you with the best healthcare and assistance. 

Qualifying Conditions

Learn if you are eligible for a medical cannabis card in the state of Illinois by viewing our complete list of qualifying conditions. New Conditions Have Been Added!

New Qualifying Conditions have been added!

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Taking Care of Your Health

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If you or a loved one are suffering from a qualifying condition, it may be time to try Medical Marijuana. Call our office at 217-954-1408 to book an appointment.

Conveniently Located in the Urbana-Champaign Area.

Jerabek Wellness is an accessible cerfication center offering competitive prices that benefit patients throughout the area.


Dr. Jerabek is a specialist in Age Managment, Preventative Medicine, and Functional Medicine, with 21 years of experience.

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Telemedicine Is Here!

We now offer Telemedicine services. Get certified from the comfort of your home!

Telemedicine: The Future Of Medicine

As telehealth plays an even greater role in global health care delivery, it will be increasingly important to develop a strong evidence base of successful, innovative telehealth solutions. -US National Library of Medicine 
National Institutes of Health

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